Soil Nailing. Unique Wall Solutions

Soil nailing is a technique in which MagnumStone retaining walls are reinforced by the insertion of steel reinforcing bars or steel augers or Manta Ray anchors into the retained soils behind the wall and then the anchors are attached to the MagnumStone units with a mechanical connection. Soil nailing is most often used when excavation of the soils behind the wall is restricted because of structure above the wall or massive positive slopes or roadways or rock out-cropping or any other reason that makes excavation prohibitive. Soil nailing could be one of the fastest growing solution for wall structures as building restrictions increase because of population growth.

Soil Nailing Cross Sections / CAD Details
Item Description———————————- PDF CAD
MagnumStone Soil Nailing Cross Sections PDF CAD

Related Design Details / CAD
Item Description———————————- PDF CAD
Interlock/Drainage Detail PDF CAD
Railing In Core Detail PDF CAD
Swale Detail Detail PDF CAD
Inside Curve Detail PDF CAD
Outside Curve Detail PDF CAD
Inside Corner Detail PDF CAD
Outside Corner Detail PDF CAD
Steel/Concrete Wall Detail PDF CAD
FreeStanding Double Sided Wall Detail PDF CAD
Concrete Culvert 18 Inch PDF CAD
Concrete Culvert 30 Inch PDF CAD